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Feds to Comb the Blogosphere

The Federal Government will attempt to come up with an action plan to penalize bloggers and website owners for breaking the publication ban. To an outside observer this seems to be a massive waste of tax payer dollars. Yet its not surprising they would be thinking about doing such a thing, as waste and abuse of power seem to go hand in hand with Liberals now a days. Yet at all costs they must preserve the jury pool in Montreal. Where the CBC even had a reported last night that there is little to no evidence that juries are altered by media coverage prior to seeing a trial. Again this seems to go along with the Liberal ethos of Canadian culture. We cannot act as individuals because we are part of a social culture that demands subservience to a hierarchy of Liberal control.

These are interesting developments of course for anyone interested in a free society. We consistently protect the individuals or groups that sway power with the Liberals in Canada. This is just another example. Tuesday, April 05, 2005 at 12:00 PM

Blogger M. K. Braaten said...

what a joke! 8:08 PM  
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